• The Survival Kit

  • Doctor are the PPO’s squeezing the financial life out your practice causing you to work twice as hard for less income? Is corporate dentistry draining the community of patients that you once had in your family practice? 

    These are common complaints today from your dental colleagues who remember the “golden days of dentistry”. Well, you can fight back and protect that scarce fee for service patient who wants quality care and is willing to pay cash for it. You do it by changing and enhancing your skill sets to offer more advanced technological procedures that the PPO culprits and corporate dentistry refuse to offer. 

    AIM, the Academy of Implant Management, is focused directly at helping you compete so that you can reach your practice goals and truly have something very unique to transition out in the future. 

    The time is now “Take AIM”  The new Survival kit for the next generation.